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Data streaming for AI in the financial services industry

A closer look at the challenges holding companies back from successfully adopting AI—and how to solve them

Companies in the Financial Services Industry (FSI) face a multitude of challenges that hinder their journey towards AI-driven transformation. Legacy systems, stringent regulations, data silos, and a lack of agility are just some of the culprits blocking teams from getting more value out of their data.

Before venturing into AI, you’ll need to restructure your data pipelines for efficient real-time data ingestion and processing. This report helps you take the first steps and recommends a unified approach to equip your data pipelines for exciting AI and ML applications.

Download this free report to learn:

  • The prevailing issues holding teams back from successfully streaming data for AI and ML
  • A proven strategy for clean and efficient data pipelines, real-time data ingestion, and the seamless integration of disparate systems
  • Two practical use cases featuring real-time data and generative AI

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