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Building real-time data apps with Redpanda and Decodable

Join us for an exciting streamcast that will showcase the advantages of combining streaming data powered by Redpanda with stream processing capabilities from Decodable to build real-time data apps for your business. 

In this session, Kafka experts Gunnar Morling and Dunith Dhanushka will demonstrate how the two platforms can be combined to enable businesses of all sizes to harness real-time data. We will highlight the use of Redpanda with existing Kafka clients and its advantages over legacy Kafka solutions. You will learn how the proven stream processing capabilities of Apache Flink can be easily managed through Decodable, providing developers with a simple and user-friendly environment for stream processing.

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of Redpanda and Decodable, including key capabilities and how they fit together.
  • Demo of how to publish sensor readings to a Redpanda topic with a Python-based Kafka producer.
  • From Decodable, write SQL queries to ingest the sensor readings from the Redpanda topic, transform and aggregate them before loading them into another topic in Redpanda.
  • Use a serving layer, such as Elasticsearch, to ingest from the new Redpanda topic and plot the processed metrics on a dashboard.

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