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Report: Building operational systems with Redpanda

Exploring event-driven microservice architectures for payments systems


A microservices architecture has become a de facto approach for structuring operational systems. When built on an event-driven architecture, microservices provide an excellent foundation to structure highly scalable, reliable, and performant operational systems for the fintech domain.

This report provides an overview of fintech operational systems, covers building event-driven microservices with Redpanda, and includes a tutorial on using Redpanda to build a payment-processing system.

Download this report to learn:

  • How to build an event-driven fintech operational system with Redpanda
  • Architectural guidelines for building operational systems
  • How to use Redpanda as the event broker in an event-driven microservice system
  • How to use Redpanda as a distributed, immutable event log
  • How to use CQRS in practice to validate payments

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