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Cut your Confluent bill by 50%! 

Why Redpanda?

Redpanda is a developer-first streaming data platform built from scratch to simplify your development experience, reduce operational complexity and maximize resource utilization. There are no JVMs to run, or ZooKeeper™ or Quorum Servers to deal with. At the same time, it sports a native Kafka API – so all your code and ecosystem tooling just work! 

Redpanda was engineered to derive every ounce of performance possible from the smallest hardware footprint, significantly reducing latencies, boosting throughput, and eliminating administrative overhead. 

Our customers typically report cloud infra savings of 50%*, while also boosting application performance, when compared to the costs of running the same Kafka workloads using the Confluent Platform or Confluent Cloud. 

So bring us your Confluent bill and we will cut it in half!

* For workloads spanning 5+ nodes using the Confluent Platform or 50MBps+ in throughput in Confluent Cloud (dedicated clusters).

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