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How to migrate from batch and Kafka to Redpanda streaming data

Built from the ground up with a native Kafka API, Redpanda is a highly performant and cost-efficient streaming data platform. But just how easy is it to migrate to Redpanda?

In this 2-hour hands-on lab we'll step you through how to smoothly transition to Redpanda, addressing both the migration from traditional batch processes to real-time data pipelines and the switch from Apache Kafka to Redpanda. Participants will gain insights into the differences between batch and real-time paradigms, see how to transition from batch operations to Redpanda, learn practical steps and receive hands-on guidance for shifting Kafka instances to Redpanda.

You will come away from this session knowing how to:

  • Replace batch data ingestion pipelines with CDC
  • Build a streaming ETL pipeline to replace Apache Spark
  • Migrating from apache Kafka cluster with MM2

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