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1-hour session with our streaming data experts

New Features in Redpanda 22.2

We released Redpanda 22.2 with a host of industry-leading capabilities that help engineering teams deliver robust, reliable, and secure data pipelines for real-time applications. 

Watch this interactive season, where we will step you through the features in Redpanda 22.2 and answer your questions as we go. You’ll also see a demo of the new Redpanda Console – our Web UI for managing and debugging large-scale applications built around real-time data streams.

Watch now to learn more about:

  • Remote Read Replicas: A CDN for your streaming data
  • Continuous Data Balancing: Hands-free ops with self-balancing and self-healing clusters
  • Redpanda Console: Best-in-class inspection of your cluster in a lightweight package 
  • Other new features that simplify the lives of operators running Redpanda

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