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Cheat sheet: a beginner’s guide to rpk commands 

Skip straight to mastery with this quick guide on rpk’s must-know commands

We like to make things easy, so our engineers built a friendly command-line interface (CLI) utility that lets you configure, manage, and tune your Redpanda clusters. You can also use it to manage topics, groups, and access control lists (ACLs). 

For the unfamiliar, “rpk” stands for Redpanda Keeper—and to help you unlock its full potential, we created this convenient cheat sheet with the commands you need for:

  • Setting up rpk
  • Managing clusters
  • Managing brokers
  • Security and access control
  • Generating templates
  • Cloud integration

We even included a video with a short and sweet overview of rpk. Welcome to streaming data made easy!

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Click below to download your rpk cheat sheet in PDF. If you have any trouble, tell us in the web chat or drop us a note on Slack.

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