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The State of Streaming Data Report 2023-24

Independent analysis of the size, shape and scope of modern streaming data deployments.

Independent report on streaming data adoption

Redpanda partnered with an independent third-party research firm to survey 300 practitioners of streaming data (ranging from IC to C-suites) across various industries in the United States. Our goal was to understand how streaming data is used today, including use cases, the size and shape of workloads, issues these companies face, popular ecosystem tools and their plans for the future adoption of streaming. Download the report for the full details of the report – example findings are below.

4 key streaming data takeaways


1. Technical & business challenges
Costs and lack of in-house expertise are the most common hurdles.


2. Streaming data environment
AWS and Azure are the top cloud providers for streaming data storage.


3. Latency matters
End-to-end latency is important to both analytical and transactional projects.


4. Use cases
Real-time analytics is the most common current streaming data use case.


Read the full report

Download the report to learn more about what your peers are doing with streaming data. Some of the important questions answered include:

  • Top concerns preventing companies from adopting streaming data

  • Spread of streaming data across transactional and analytical workloads

  • The daily volume of streaming data based on workload types

  • Data retention policies in use

  • Core components of streaming data pipelines

  • Top client libraries, data processing tools and formats in use