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Stream processing with Flink and Redpanda

Apache Flink is one of the most feature-rich and battle-tested stream-processing frameworks available today. Paired with the highly performant Redpanda streaming data platform, it supports a wide range of use cases that require real-time data insights and decision making.

Join us for a hands-on lab in which we explore a particularly fun use case with these technologies — algorithmic trading. Our focus will be less on the financial concepts (or trading systems, for that matter), and more about the engineering skills needed to build a real-time stream-processing system.

You will walk away from this course with the following:

  • Knowledge of how to build Flink SQL applications that leverage Redpanda
  • Experience integrating a Redpanda-based stream-processing application with third-party APIs (for this use case we’ll use the Alpaca trading platform) 
  • A foundation of code and experience that will enable you to implement more advanced stream-processing applications in the future.

No prior experience with Redpanda or Apache Flink is required. However, a basic understanding of SQL will help you get up to speed more quickly. 

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