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Streaming Data at the Edge

Streaming Data at the Edge

Join technical experts from Redpanda and Tinybird for this interactive streamcast on building a high-performance IoT backend. 

In this live session we’ll spin up Redpanda at the edge to collect data tracking vehicle movement, then forward this data to Redpanda Cloud, our fully managed streaming data service. 

We will show how to connect Redpanda Cloud to Tinybird, and use Tinybird Pipes to analyze, enrich and transform the data stream into a consumable data product. Then we will publish the Tinybird Pipes as an API endpoint and demonstrate how to use the API from a front-end application.

  • Live demo of how to build a high-performance IoT backend 
  • Hands-on instruction in how to integrate Redpanda and Tinybird
  • Interactive session will address questions throughout

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